The Coffee Blog Determined to Stop You Going to Starbucks

I’m Josh - the guy behind this coffee blog. 

I started Groundabout to help coffee lovers to go beyond their Starbucks and Costas and taste coffee that’s out of this world. Whether that’s brewing at home or finding an awesome independent, this is what groundabout is for.

I fell in love with coffee when I started my weight loss journey. In Dr Axe's book on Keto, he explained that black coffee is good at suppressing hunger and appetite. Before starting intermittent fasting, I never had coffee. I always remembered the horrid bitterness.

But, I was serious about weight loss. I ran downstairs, found a sachet of Nescafe and thought “stuff it, lets see if my taste buds have changed.”

It was bearable. As in, bearable enough to help me lose weight. 

But overtime, as I explored coffee shops on my way to university and on the weekends, I discovered the distinct difference between instant and what I now call proper coffee.

“Coffee that Josh would call sh*t”

I believe in black coffee. Whether that’s Americano, long black, or a double shot of espresso, as long as there’s no milk, I’m cool. It’s the only way to really appreciate a bean.

That doesn’t mean that I hate milk-based coffees. They’re great if you want caffeine and a warm drink, but you’re never going to pick up the flavour of a Costa Rica bean when it’s drowned in milk and syrups.

Instant coffee gets the same line. Whilst they’re are some great barista-grade instant coffees, they’re just caffeine substitutes for the real thing. 

Flexible and experimental

Don’t stress about the brewing method or the type of beans. Everything is nuanced in coffee. One method may bring out a bean’s notes more than another - but then it can be completely different for another bean.

I normally use a French press or a portable espresso maker. Recipes and beans may be favoured towards these brewing methods at the start, but as I expand my equipment, so will the content.

The only territory that I won’t enter is coffee beans processed by animals. Not only am I vegan - but that’s just damn weird.

What groundabout can achieve

I want groundabout to become the ultimate knowledge base for coffee lovers. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, I want everyone to use groundabout to find new recipes, try new beans, and expand their coffee knowledge.

I cannot do that alone.

This can only be achieved through building a community of coffee writers and lovers. Get in touch if you can contribute.

My favourite coffee

La Perla Negra is the best bean I’ve ever tasted. This micro-lot bean all the way from Costa Rica is magical and I’ve only ever found it at Harrods. It’s certainly influenced what I look for in a coffee.

This is my preferred coffee, but I’m also eager to try something new. For example, I like to choose the guest beans in coffee shops and take recommendations from baristas. Coffee is one big experiment - you’ve got to be willing to try.

Style: Long black

Brewing method: Espresso

Roast type: Medium-dark

Flavour notes: Blackcurrant, plum, toffee

Go forth and explore!

I’m super excited you’ve found us.

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